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Although avoiding probate is desirable, if you have lost a loved one who did not properly plan, you may need to initiate a probate to transfer their assets to their “heirs”.

If you are responsible for administering and settling an estate, you must proceed with utmost care. Our lawyers will assist you in complying with all state and local court requirements. This includes maintaining accurate records and preparing required reports of assets, including income, gains, disbursements and losses during administration, and properly documenting the final distribution of the estate and your release from personal liability in connection actions taken during the probate administration.

Our experienced probate lawyers assist executors, administrators and personal representatives in their duties, including:

  • Timely filing the appropriate court documents

  • Valuing the estate’s inventory

  • Maintaining estate assets

  • Selling or transferring estate property as necessary

  • Resolving remaining debt and creditor claims

  • Filing income and estate tax returns, as required

  • Preparing Accounts and Reports

  • Distributing assets 

  • Submitting Receipts and securing an Order for Final Discharge

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